Walking Castle Island*
Uncle Joe, Vietnam*
The Finn's*
My Family   
The Clougherty's*
Mike & Joe
The Morrison's*
The Kelly's*
Irish Step Dancers
The Dancing Driscoll*
The Old Timer*
Cliff at the
Bad Ass Cafe
Tommy McGann painting at McGann's Pub Boston, Ma.
Christy Moore*
Tommy McGann*
Shane MacGowan
Luka Bloom*
Shane MacGowan*
Thomas McCarthy*
The Fisherman*
Sold *
Not for Sale *
Shane MacGowan
Joe's Da*
Home @ 412
Uncle Joe at The Wall
Anna at the beach *
Nelly *
Connie Doolan *
Nana & Papa
Together Forever
Poor Paddy works on the railway
Walter *
Boudreau's *
Maggie & Molly *