Connie Doolan & Jay Mullgan at Connie Doolan's Pub Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland
Connie Doolan & I
The Contestants
The Contest
The Lads
The Celebration
The Kilgoban Pub
Bantry, Co. Cork
The Kilgoban Pub
Bantry Co. Cork
Connie Doolan's Pub
Cobh, Co. Cork   1994
The Pour
Original Line Up
Doolan, Robustelli,
& McCarthy
Erika Lee
Trevor O"Driscoll
Erika Lee & I outside
O'Sullivan's Pub
New castle West, Limerick
Bob Rubsutelli & Tom McCarthy
Howard Pulchin & I
Trevor O'Driscoll & Frank Gallagher
The Knights
Suzanne & Doug
Frank Gallagher, Shann Weston & I
Shann Weston, Doug Knight & I
Morrisey's Pub
Cahir, Co Tipperary
Shann Weston
The Seanachaoi Pub
Killaloe, Co. Clare
The Seanachaoi Pub
Killaloe, Co. Clare
behind the bar at the Kilgoban.
Frank gallagher, Connie Doolan,
Tom McCarthy, TommyMcCarthy
Brendan O'Carroll & Alan Fisher
GMTV St. Patrick's Day 1995
Connie Doolan's Pub
Gaye & Joe Dunne at
the Irish Embassy Pub
Sing song at Connie Doolan's
Deb and Paul
My family at Connie Doolan's
at Connie Doolan's
Best barman George Downing
Pat Walsh & Kevin Morrison
outside the Irish Embassy Pub
My family at the Irish Embassy Pub
Pre contest pint
with Frank Landry, John Ford &
Paul Bollard
Perfect Pint
Win Your OwnPub II
Bantry Co. Cork
Win Your Own Pub III
Killaloe, Co. Clare
Win Your Own Pub IV
Cahir, Co. Tipperary
Win Your Own Pub V
Listowel, Co. Kerry
Win Your Own Pub VI
New Castle West, Co. Limerick
Radio Interview in
Bantry...yes I have a face
for radio!